GreenTree Eastern Hotel is a four-star boutique brand under the GreenTree Hospitality Group. A juxtaposition of traditional eastern elements with modern urban culture, the hotel stands out by its approach to receive guests with modesty and gentility and provision of elegant space for travel relaxation. The fact that it is typically located in business centers or high-tech zones makes it enjoy great geographic advantage and transport convenience. The hotel provides multiple room options, ranging from RMB300 to RMB600, as well as amenities like business center and healthy dining, aiming to uphold a green, healthy, and quality lifestyle.
Gem Hotel is a mid-to-upscale business hotel brand designed to offer functional and comfortable space for elite business travelers. The hotel bears the design language of retro light luxury and classic business seriousness. It highlights open restaurant, coffee bar, gym, leisure business area and other necessary amenities. The price range is from RMB280 to RMB500 per room night.
Gya Hotel is a mid-to-upscale fashion hotel under the GreenTree Hospitality Group. Gya Hotel centers on fashion and individuality. Decorated with consumer-level art works, hotels of Gya stand for chic trend, light luxury, and quality stay. The hotel highlights a mountain-shape stepped reading area in the lobby, an open cafe, a gym, multi-functional meeting rooms and other necessary amenities, all for the purpose of becoming a chic club where travelers can showcase their individuality. Most rooms are priced between RMB280 and RMB500 per room night.
VX Hotel is a mid-to-upscale leisure hotel under the GreenTree Hospitality Group. VX Hotel integrates music, youth trends, and artistic interiors that reflects strong local culture. The colorful lobby and hotels’ artistic design will for sure generate an extreme sense of relaxation for travelers. Our VX Hotels are priced between RMB280 and RMB500 per room night.
DEEP SLEEP Hotel is a mid-to-upscale boutique hotel foundered on the basis of eastern culture and humanity. It is an ideal space for travelers who seek tranquility in the buzzing world and borrows eastern philosophy as the basis to re-define hotel space and services by offering comfortable sleep and space experience that is characterized by "quietness, purity, and nothingness". Most rooms are priced between RMB280 and RMB500 per room night.
GreenTree Inn is a classic business hotel brand under the GreenTree Hospitality Group. The newly upgraded version 3.0 incorporates design elements such as leaves and wood grain and will provide mature and comfortable business-oriented resting space. The hotel is equipped with breakfast halls, conference rooms, business centers, gym, and book bar. Most rooms are priced between RMB180 and RMB400 per room night. GreenTree Inn, Just Experience!
GreenTree Alliance Hotel is a midscale hotel brand that features individuality and quality under the GreenTree Hospitality Group. With a variety of colorful decorations, the hotels are committed to bringing different styles and charms in different regions. We design, transform, and decorate each GreenTree Alliance Hotel on the basis of its original properties by borrowing local architecture and decoration languages in an environmentally friendly and unique manner. It is guaranteed that every guest can feel a brand-new comfortable experience when they step in a GreenTree Alliance hotel. Most rooms are priced between RMB150 and RMB400 per room night.
Vatica Hotel is a young and fashionable midscale hotel brand under GreenTree Hospitality Group that uses “Vatica” as the major design motif. It advocates green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon lifestyle without complicated urban decoration. A young white-collar can easily feel the difference by have a short stay at this nature-embracing space. All hotel rooms are equipped with independent toilet, desk, bedside table, 24-hour free fiber-optic Internet access, hot and cool water, independent heating and cooling air-conditioner and other necessary facilities and services. Most rooms are priced between RMB150 and RMB300 per room night.
Shell Hotel is a young and colorful hotel brand under the GreenTree Hospitality Group. It incorporates fashionable and creative design by using different color themes to offer relaxed, fashionable, individual hotel experience. Shell Hotel is known for its secure and high-quality services at ultra-economic price points, and is widely favored by young white-collar workers, backpackers and students. Most rooms are priced between RMB99 and RMB260 per room night.
GreenTree Apartment is a midscale apartment brand dedicated to providing mid-to long-term apartment leasing services for new urban settlers. Diversified and flexible leasing terms, including daily rent, short-term rent, and long-term home rent, can provide assets owners with more diverse investment options. Considerate residential butler service, sound public functional areas, rich sense of community, and standardized management methods can ensure residents to have worry-free renting experience and live the way they prefer in a metropolitan city.
Based on the in-depth excavation of the various needs of residents, Greentree Modu Hotel Apartment provides more quality accommodation service experience for the urban elite through the reasonable layout of each functional area in the room space, simple and practical furniture design and the application of intelligent technology.
The design of Green BnB integrates local culture and customs. It offers exquisite and compact space and considerate check-in and caring service. Hotels are often located next to scenic attractions or areas where you can experience tranquility and relaxation on top of local custom and life. Be it a leisure vacation or a business trip, choosing Green BnB will always give you a chance to slow down your modern life tempo.
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GreenTree Inn Jingde Town North Guangchang Road Express Hotel

GreenTree Inn Jingde Town North Guangchang Road Express Hotel

Address: No.610, Taoliang Palace, North Square Rd... View map | Collection
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Special tips

In order to maintain the safety and health of you and other guests, please pay attention to keep the room clean and tidy. Do not sprinkle food on the floor, desktop and bed of the guest room. After the meal, the takeaway garbage should be cleared out of the room and discarded to the designated place. In addition, the hotel will arrange service personnel to enter the room every day for cleaning.


Hotel Telephone: 0798-7118880 / 15870060678   Hotel Fax: 0798-7118880


Hotel Opened:2011-07-15

GreenTree Inn Jingde Town North Guangchang Road Express Hotel is located in No.610, Taoliang Palace, North Square Rd. , Jingde Town. There are 4 floors in our hotel including all kinds of the guest rooms,whose total number is 94 .Each room is equipped with many modern equipments,such as hd LCD TV, broadband network, independent air-conditioning and so on. Besides,the multifunction meeting room is provided that can satisfy the different needs from customers , which full demonstrate the humanization and intelligent .Hotel is located in the world-famous ceramic city , Jingdezhen,and it is located in the central square business circle with the convenient traffic (the high-speed intersection,the railway station and the airport).In addition,various of surrounding facilities bring you beautiful moods and keep shape including the people square, the swimming pool, badminton hall and table tennis hall.Step into Jingdezhen,people will be surrounded by thick ceramic rhyme, the millennium kiln fire surrounded by hot.China porcelain, ceramic city of international trade, China ceramic city,and splendid chang south ceramics park all are gathered together here. What’s more ,lots of characteristic scenery in the south are with the millennium porcelain,such as the known as the source of the porcelain in the furnace of the ancient town, float saddle county government, government kiln site .Whether tourism shopping or business investment or visiting friends, staying in our hotel is the best choice for you! GreenTree Inn, Just Experience!


【Internet】: room Wifi:Have;broadband:Have;      【Parking lots】: Have Parking lot Free ,total30Parking lot;      【Self-help Machine】: No Self-help Service;      【restaurant】: Restaurant,ProvideBreakfast,;      【Breakfast Service】: Have Breakfast service ,Breakfast in form Buffet,Breakfast price10 RMB/person Breakfast time07:00:00~09:00:00;;      【Meeting Room】: Have Meeting room ,Have1Meetting room,Respectively hold50person ,Charging standard400;      【laundry service】: Have Laundry Service ,Laundromat;      【Baggage Service】: Have Baggage Service;      【Reception of Foreign Guests】: Can;      【Accept Bank Cards】: Unionpay,Visa;      【Room facilities】: Split system air-conditioner,Private Bathroom ,24H hot water;     

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