GreenTree Eastern Hotel is a four-star boutique hotel, typically located in business centers or high-tech zones benefiting from geographic advantage and transportation convenience. Designed in the grand style of Eastern Emperor, GreenTree Eastern Hotel aims to provide our successful business guests with a luxurious and comfortable environment. Most room prices are however attractive, rating between ¥300 and ¥600. The hotel facilities include business centers, healthy dining, beauty and health spas, all of which aim to promote a green ad healthy lifestyle. At present, the GreenTree Eastern Hotels which are in operation or under construction are widely distributed throughout the nation.
Gme. Founded in 2017, our Gme brand of hotels are mid- to up scale business hotels that are designed to be a calm and unique heaven for business travelers.“Go with Me”, the Gme brand takes business travelers to a space with rich culture and graceful taste. Our Gme branded hotels are priced between RMB280 and RMB350 per room night.
Gya. Founded in 2017, our Gya brand of hotels are mid- to up-scale smart, fashionable and trendy hotels that are designed to be a chic club that highlights individuality. A rendezvous with Gya hotels take travelers to a spiritual sanctuary in the busy world. Our Gya branded hotels are priced between RMB280 and RMB350 per room night.
VX. Founded in 2017, our VX brand of hotels are mid- to up-scale leisure hotels that combine youthful trends with artistic interiors to allow each hotel to make a mark on the local culture scene. The colorful lobbies and artistic designs create a “Very Relaxing”space for travelers at our VX brand of hotels.Our VX branded hotels are priced between RMB280 and RMB350 per room night.
GreenTree Inn, as a super large mid-to high-end business hotel chain and wholly foreign invested hotel chain, always treats the guest care as our top priority and provides guests with high-graded and cost-effective services. The hotels are equipped with breakfast halls, conference rooms, business centers, gym spas, book bars, etc. with most rooms rating between ¥180 and ¥400. Some of the hotels are assessed 3 star hotels by China National Tourism Bureau. GreenTree Inn, Just Experience.
GreenTree Alliance Hotel is the first alliance brand in China targeted in middle and high-end business hotels and with specific "different decoration and different styles". Fully absorbing local architecture elements and decoration style, GreenTree Alliance Hotel combines with GreenTree concept of comfort living and environmental friendly hotel-staying. Such a combination thus creates the brand with hotels in various taste and style, and brings forth diversified accommodation experience. Relying on the advanced service concept and the mature management experience, quite a number of GrennTree Alliance Hotels have become three- or five-star hotels with most rooms rating between ¥150 to ¥400.
Vatica Hotel aims to create a trendy and fashionable brand tailored for young people. We advocates a green and low-carbon lifestyle for white-collar. Most rooms range between ¥130 and ¥300, equipped with complete facilities including en-suit, desk, bedside table, free fiber Internet, hot-water, air-conditioner, etc. So far, we have already operated Vatica Hotel in Shanghai, Taian, Nanjing, Hohhot, Langfang, etc.
Shell Hotel is a customized choice for travelers、white-collar、university students. From the first step into the corridor, we stick to provide the guests with dreamlike and fantastic fashion experience. By using intellectual technology, guest have opportunity to experience doors opening via phones, remote control of room facilities, wireless charging, Bluetooth music, etc.
GreenTree Apartment is committed to providing medium and long term apartment rental service for new urbanites, and expanding into market with midscale economic products, which in turn drives the improvement of our national hotel business. In-house butler service, public areas with complete functional areas, many community service activities, unified standardized management and perfect security configuration ensure that our residents live comfortably. GreenTree Apartment is eager to give you a lifestyle as you wish. In the future, GreenTree Apartment plans to become the top hotel apartment in three years and rank among the top of the Chinese apartment market.
Overseas Hotel is an overseas hotel booking platform. It is committed to provide guests with overseas hotel information inquiry, overseas hotel reservation, as well as overseas accommodation guidance. Wherever you want to go , the Chejudo in Korea by the sea or Phoenix in the USA under sunshine, welcome to log in GreenTree “Overseas Hotel” to start a romantic tour around the world. GreenTree Inn USA

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Development Trend of Hotel Industry Although annual income of the tourism market increases rapidly at the rate of 12.9-16.4%, the contradiction between supply and demand in the tourism accommodation market still exists in terms of the annual growth rate of 948,200 hotel rooms increased by 6% and the annual average rental rate which is 55.9% increased by 2.4% in 2000.
By the end of 2004, there were 283,800 tourist accommodation facilities in China, of which 9,751 were star-rated hotels, with an average rental rate of 56.14%. These objective conditions bring good news for industrial stock adjustment. It is a fact that a large number of residential projects in China are poorly managed. Low-star rated hotels, better-equipped hostels and sanatoriums, etc., will undergo a major transformation under the dual pressures of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the transformation of the accommodation market.
Since 1990s, domestic tourism and business tourism have developed rapidly in China, especially in the surrounding areas of Shanghai. With the rapid development of Commerce, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the decline of Engel’s Coefficient, and the rise of urban tourism, holiday tourism and business tourism, the domestic tourists have increased sharply. During this growth process, business tourism surpassed leisure tourism for the first time.
According to the statistics of American Hotel & Lodging Association, the total number of economic and commercial hotels whose gross revenue ranked third in the retail industry in the United States is 53.9 million, accounting for 70% of the hotel market share. In China, the proportion of economic and commercial brand hotels in the hotel market is less than 10%, and the grade structure is very unreasonable. By the end of 2001, the number of high, medium and low-end hotels in China was 570, 6025 and 753 respectively. There is a big gap between developed countries’ ratio of 1:4:5 and China’s. Sun Shangqing, in the Development Research Center of the State Council, clearly pointed out the imbalance in the grade structure of hotels in China in his report on the research topic of "Tourism Economic Development Strategy". It is imperative to develop hotels which are clean and hygienic, complete facilities, affordable prices (160-300 yuan), relatively convenient transportation, a sense of security, distinctive services hotels and different from star-rated hotels and traditional hotels.